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Stock selection for CCI's Large Cap Growth portfolios emphasizes large company stocks defined as those with capitalizations greater than $3 billion. As part of CCI’s longstanding investment discipline, the portfolio is constructed using minimum position sizes and diversification tools listed below. The goal for this portfolio is to outperform both the Russell 1000 Growth Index as well as the S&P 500 over a market cycle. Please see our Fact Sheet for information about performance returns.

CCI's objective is to have a diversified portfolio of positively surprising stocks:

  • Portfolios Typically Hold 40 to 60 Issues
  • Invest in Companies > $3 Billion Market Cap
  • Top Ten Holdings Represent 30-40%
  • Minimum Initial Investment 1%
  • Maximum Position Size is the Greater of 5% or Approx. Weights in Benchmark
  • Diversified by Sectors as well as Themes (a Group of Stocks Related By a Common Driver)
  • Diversify into a Minimum of Six Themes
  • Maximum Theme Exposure of 25%
  • Maximum Sector Exposure the greater of 25% or +10% over Index

These are general portfolio construction and risk management guidelines subject to the discretion of the investment manager and clients’ specific portfolio mandates. No assurance can be given that the investment objective of the portfolio will be achieved.
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