Investment Philosophy and Strategies

Positive Momentum & Positive Surprise

CCI is a bottom-up, growth-oriented equity manager employing an investment philosophy of Positive Momentum & Positive Surprise which aims to invest in good companies getting stronger and in companies whose fundamentals are exceeding investor expectations.  We focus on the leading indicators of fundamental business improvement that drive eventual reported results, and continuously monitor for changes in fundamentals and expectations.  In practice, we strive to invest in companies poised to exceed investors’ expectations, and sell or avoid those whose fundamentals signal disappointment relative to expectations. By thoroughly analyzing company specific factors in the context of the prevailing economic environment, our team of investment professionals selects companies that meet CCI’s criteria of Positive Momentum & Positive Surprise.  Through this research intensive process, CCI focuses on companies we believe will continue to impress other investors with strong earnings results and ultimately be rewarded with better stock price performance.

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