Mid Cap Portfolio

Mid Cap Portfolio

CCI’s Mid Cap Growth portfolios typically own stocks within the market capitalization range of the Russell Mid Cap Growth Index. The goal for this portfolio is to outperform the Russell MidCap Growth Index over a 3-5 year market cycle. This strategy is offered through various vehicles such as institutional separate accounts, SMA and model delivery.

The Mid Cap team consists of one Portfolio Manager with the support of two Co-Portfolio Managers and five Securities Analysts with an average tenure of over 18 years.

Michael Iacono, CFA, CPA | Senior Managing Director/Portfolio Manager, Mid Cap

Mr. Iacono joined Columbus Circle Investors in February, 1997 and rejoined in March, 2000 after a 10 month absence. Prior to becoming Portfolio Manager, he held the position of Co-Portfolio Manager since January, 2004. Mr. Iacono previously held the positions of Research Associate, Securities Analyst, and Senior Securities Analyst. During his absence, he held the position of Portfolio Manager at Bedford Oak Advisors, an investment partnership. Mr. Iacono also previously worked at Arthur Andersen, L.L.P. as a Senior Audit and Business Advisor. Mr. Iacono received his B.S. from Boston College. Mr. Iacono is a Certified Public Accountant and has earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is a member of the CFA Society New York (formerly known as the New York Society of Security Analysts).

Marc R. Shapiro | Senior Vice President/Co-Portfolio Manager, Mid Cap/SMID/Small Cap

Mr. Shapiro joined Columbus Circle Investors in September, 2004. Prior to becoming Senior Vice President/Co-Portfolio Manager, Mid Cap/SMID/Small Cap, he held the positions of  Senior Securities Analyst, Securities Analyst and Research Associate. Mr. Shapiro previously worked at McGinn, Smith & Company, Inc. as a Client Services Representative.  He received his B.A. in Finance and Marketing from Emory University.


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